Everyone Deserves Access To Nutritious Food and We Make That Possible!

Our pilot membership based online grocery delivery service- Pick Fresh Delivery,  ensures that individuals living in food deserts and utilizing EBT or SNAP benefits with limited access to transportation are able to make online grocery store purchases that are delivered directly to their doors.   We make buying groceries easy and accessible no matter who you are or where you live.

We Make It Easy To Eat Well.

My name is Sacha and I am the owner of Sacha’s Veggies Life . I believe no one should experience barriers to eating healthy food, regardless of how much money they have or where they live. The problem is, that 23 million Americans live in “Food Deserts” (urban areas with no grocery store within 1.2 miles and rural areas with no grocery store within 10 miles) and now more than ever people are living within under-served or low income communities where access to grocery stores is more difficult.  

If you buy groceries but utilize SNAP/EBT benefits, often times the only way to get food is by making an in store purchase. What if you don’t have a car, are elderly or are unwell and can’t get the store?  

What happens to people who can’t access healthier food?  Their health declines… Neighborhood fast food restaurants and corner stores end up being their only source of food.  That outcome can be devastating.

According to the CDC 70 % of people living in food deserts will experience obesity and will most likely get Type 2 Diabetes and premature death due to health issues and malnourishment.  

We are going to change that!

Pick Fresh Delivery is our membership based grocery delivery service solution to removing the barriers to food insecurity and accessibility that millions of people face daily.  

Our Monthly Membership Benefits For Our Members:

Empowers you to control  how much you’ll pay and how often you receive deliveries .

Accepts online EBT grocery store purchases.

Provides a personal shopper for your order.

Delivers your groceries directly to your door.

Sends healthy eating recipes via email based on purchases to help support your wellness goals.

Provides live customer service representatives to make sure your experience is always respectful, dignified and pleasant.  

We Support The Community

We will specifically hire customer service representatives, personal shoppers and delivery drivers from the communities we service.  Our goal is to ensure we are giving back to the community by creating economic development within food desert communities.

Our wages will be competitive and will provide a living wage to our team members.

We will offer part and full time positions.

We will help support local grocery stores that are serving food deserts by helping them gain more customers and increasing their sales. We create incentives for them to continue to serve those communities.

Want To Know More Or Get Involved?

If you’d like to know more  or would like to get involved please give us your email address and we will be in touch.

Let’s to Get Started

Help us raise funds for our pilot by purchasing one on our cookbooks.

One of the healthiest diets on the planet is a plant based one. We are looking to help improve health outcomes.  For those interested in making a change to healthier lifestyle and  menu we offer your our cookbook to get you started.  

Eating a plant based diet doesn’t have to be hard or confusing!  This “Sacha’s Veggie Life - What Do I Eat Now? A Beginner’s Guide To A Plant Based Lifestyle” cookbook is perfect for helping you to navigate around a plate. There is everything from Breakfast smoothies, soups, savory dinners to dessert!  Trust me, you won’t miss that other stuff.

Get your copy today and help up raise funds for the project!



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